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Welcome to Children Senior Secondary School Azamgarh

Children Senior Secondary School Azamgarh has grown impressively and achieved exemplary recognition from corporate, academia, and professional circles.

All India Children Care and Educational Development Society (AICCEDS) Azamgarh is a charitable society registered under the society act 1860 on 7th July 1977. The society is concentrating Education, Health Care and Community Development Programme. In our 38 years of experience in the midst of rural people we have felt that it is only the people who can think for their own development and they should be empowered with free choice making capacity to resolve their own issues. As a result of which we are in process of changing our whole strategy, which is geared to the people rather than projects. We have.

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Therefore, during the year we will be working closely with the above net work and see how best can we reach the people and make them problem free. It may also be mentioned that AICCEDS has very successfully completed various time bound projects. We may evidentially say/stress that none of the All India Children Care and Educational Development Society have ever been a failure, one of them is Children College and Schools, Azamgarh, which are a salient example of the success of the Society. Apart from the above Pharmacy College Azamgarh, Dental College, Nursing College, Para Medical College and Degree College are running successfully. The Principal objectives of the AICCEDS are:

To provide free education and lodging and boarding facilities to destitute children and youth and to sons and daughters of defence services employees and specially to those killed and disabled in action.

To establish institutions for providing educational facilities to children and youthin rural and urban areas without distinction of religion, race, cast and language etc